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Unlock the Power of Precision Dispersion and Milling

Optimizing your manufacturing processes is crucial for success in today's competitive landscape. At BYK-Gardner dispersion, we understand your product development, R&D, and manufacturing challenges. We bring cutting-edge dispersion and milling equipment to revolutionize your operations. Our state-of-the-art dispersers ensure uniform mixing, dispersion, and […]

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Harness The Power of Dispersers

Dispersers, by definition, are industrial machines utilized in the process of mixing and breaking down particles, integrating them into a liquid medium to create a uniform, consistent product. These powerful tools are the backbone of many sectors within the manufacturing industry, playing a crucial role in producing an extensive range of products. Notably, they are […]

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Unlock the Power of Dispersers: 5 Essential Things You Need to Know

Dispersers are game-changers in coatings, inks, adhesives, agroscience, pharmaceutical, chemical, battery and fuel cell, food, and cosmetics. Their primary role? Breaking down and mixing particles to achieve a homogeneous and smooth product. By efficiently dispersing particles, these powerful tools help prevent clumping, improve product stability, and […]

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Laboratory - Quick Look

Here's a look at our Wallingford, CT Lab facility. We offer a First class laboratory facility where we can demonstrate the performance, flexibilities and accessories to perform different dispersion and milling techniques. Contact us for your quick visit. Fill out this Form for more information.

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On-Demand Web Seminars

Did you know that we have all of our recorded web seminars archived for on-demand viewing?

Here are a few of our fan favorites: […]

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Additives for Electrical Energy Storage & Conversion

Improving the Production Process and Product Performance. Our sister company, BYK Additives, provides innovative solutions to influence the behavior of materials at the interface. Some of the key steps during the production of Li-ion batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells are relying on the dispersion of particles, the control over […]

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Innovations in Dispersing & Milling

VMA-GETZMANN develops, produces and markets high quality dispersers, mixers, stirrers, bead mills and basket mills. The innovative combination of technology and design as well as high quality are characteristic of our products.

See our recent web seminar presentation to see Innovations in Dispersing and […]

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2-in-1 TORUSMILL® TM Production System

Highly-Efficient Combination Dissolver & Basket MillSystem The TORUSMILL® TM is a patented 2-in-1 dispersion system which allows for a particularly economic and environmental dispersion of high-quality products. With the TORUSMILL® a pre-dispersion with a dissolver disc and afterwards, fine grinding with an integrated basket mill can be made in […]

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Adhesives and Sealants - How BYK Dispermats Can Help

Here at BYK our unique product line of VMA-Getzmann Dispermats offers state-of-the-art blenders, dispersers, and mills that are widely used throughout the adhesivesand sealants manufacturing industry. The end quality for any adhesive or sealant is highly dependent upon the type of mixing equipment used. Everything from the disbanding of […]

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High-End Cannabis (CBD) Manufacturing Mixing and Blending Solutions

The Dispermat R Series for CBD Manufacturing BYK-Gardner offers a wide range of laboratory mixers andstirrers to support your growing CBD manufacturing business and cannabis products. Our DISPERMAT® R series laboratory mixers and stirrers are designed for mixing, homogenizing, and suspending your CBD, THC, or […]

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How to Choose High Quality Lab Equipment

When looking for new lab equipment, it's important to conduct thorough research to get the right tools and good return on investment. It may be tempting to get the most advanced technology but take a look a current needs as well as short- and long-term requirements. It might be more sensible to go with a smaller model and add accessories, so the equipment is […]

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All About High Speed Dispersers

The world of high-speed dispersion can be very overwhelming and confusing and the only way to learn about it is via industry experience. Between different manufacturers, models, accessories and options, it's hard to know where to begin. High-speed dispersers or high shear mixers are used in many different industries including […]

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Dispersion in Paint Manufacturing

BYK offers a variety of pigment dispersers, or paint mixing machines, to support your lab manufactoring needs. Here we discuss the role of dispersion in the paint mixing process.

High-quality paints rely on excellent dispersion of pigments in the paint manufacturing process. Without this critical […]

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A Practical Guide to High Speed Dispersion Mixing

The dispersion process is designed to get fine, solid particles distributed evenly throughout the liquid medium or binder. Although additives help with wetting and stabilization, it is critical to choose the proper dispersion equipment to achieve the desired result. The dispersion process is composed of three main parts: wetting, […]

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Industrial Mixer Equipment for Adhesives - Dispermats

Adhesives require special equipment to remove any air or gas entrapped in the batch during the dispersing process.

The technical requirements of adhesives require the addition of assorted additives and agents to help with the dispersion process. To ensure proper dispersion and mixing, the Dispermat VL and Dispermat VE are […]

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Is a Dispermat® Right For Me?

The disperser you use in the lab can make a huge impact on your bottom line and quality assurance. Do you have problems scaling up formulations from the lab into a consistent product? If you do it may be time to learn more about the Getzmann Dispermat disperser. With the Dispermat you get the power and precision, you need to […]

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Specific Industry Market Info

Looking for Specific Industry Market Information?

See our recent market pages: […]

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New Dispersion Dissolver Dispermat H4

A complete innovative and modular dissolver for pre- and fine-dispersion of up to 750 L container volumes. The unit begins with the base model and then components are added based on your needs: Motor, Trolley car, Container cover, Vacuum cover, Scraper motor, Scraper arm, Pneumatic cover lifting device, Exchangeable split cover, Control […]

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How to Select a Dispermat

Does the application require a disperser or mixer? A disperser is required when solid particles are dispersed in a liquid creating a colloidal suspension. If the solid is easily dissolved like sugar in water, a simple air or electric mixer is ok. What is the particle size needed for the application? […]

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Proper Dispersion for Paint Manufacturing

If solids, especially pigments, are not broken down into smaller particle sizes and spread evenly throughout the liquid base during the paint manufacturing process, the result is a poor paint quality. This can affect everything from leveling and sagging to color and gloss quality as well as other attributes. Although additives can help with […]

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Bead Mill and Basket Mill Differences

There are some applications where extremely fine particles are required or the solid content is especially difficult to break down and disperse. These requirements need something besides a dissolver disc and that's where a bead or basket mill is used. High-speed bead mills are very useful in dispersing otherwise difficult materials. All the steps of a […]

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Difference between Emulsion and Dispersion

While emulsions and dispersions have similar characteristics, it is important to understand their differences. An emulsion is a uniform mixture of two immiscible liquids (i.e. oil and water). Oil in water are characterized by things like moisturizers. An example of water in oil emulsion is sunscreen. A dispersion is when […]

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Since the foundation of the company the name VMA-GETZMANN has been synonymous with the production of high quality and innovative dispersers, basket mills, bead mills, mixers and stirrers for laboratory pilot plant and production. The integration of progressive technology with functional design as well as high quality, are characteristic of our products.


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